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Over the years, I’ve reviewed hundreds of watches, and along with it took tens of thousands of pictures. 

With every review I publish, I try to self reflect on my work and improve for the next one. But sometimes, every so often, there’s a shot that rises above the rest of utter mediocrity (I’m not a professional by any means). Like when you used to win a fiver in a pack of Walkers crisps (remember that?), or a toy in a box of Weetos cereal, these pictures are a pleasant surprise and want me to keep on shootin’ (or eating, for more toys and fivers). 

I’ve had a good look through my media library and picked out no less than 15 shots that I’m particularly proud of. Whether it’s the composition, the lighting, the crispness (more Walkers?), or the backdrop; these tickle my eyeballs in a good way (not in a horrible Ace Venturer kind of way), and I hope they do yours too. 

Let’s check them out!

This Boldr Expedition is made for exploring. So are my walking boots. A match made in muddy heaven.
Dark and moody shots are pretty cool, especially when it features a rugged Casio G-Shock G-Steel, Sony G lens, and an LED light.
The return of the boots. This time, I’ve misplaced the timeless Hamilton Khaki – another superb watch that’s built for the field.
The flecto is strong on this Formex Essence. And the blue of the jacket matches the blue dial perfectly.
How could a lume shot not be included? I picked this close up of the Aevig Huldra due to the delightful logo and hexagonal hour markers.
I had the privilege of visiting Christopher Ward HQ and having an interview with the man himself. Whilst I was there, I got a sneak peek into the workshop.
Gotta love a shot that covers both #halfwatchtuesday and #tridenttuesday at the same time. What’s more, coffee. Say no more.
I love the mystique that surrounds this macro of a bezel pip. Any ideas which watch it belongs to? None other than the peerless Casio Duro.
The colours, texture, layers and depth make this picture of the Akio AK-01 stick in my mind.
Another appearance for the Casio Duro, this time slouching against a beautiful rusty chain on a walkway on a beach. Whilst it may be slouching, watch itself is no slouch, and I don’t think the shot is either.
This shot of the Christopher Ward Trident Elite 1000 has a lovely splash of flecto and just enough going on in the background for the delicious glossy dial and bezel to explode with reflection.
What else does a tool diver watch need other than sitting in a puddle and sprayed by water? Nothing, which is why this Rotary Super7 is happy as can be.
Spoiler: this is for an upcoming review coming next week. The dial on Christopher Ward Super Compressor is a delight, whipping me off to a beach with gorgeous blue sea in the Maldives. This shot catches it in a way I was really happy with.
How am I taking this shot if both of my hands are in the picture? The wonders of modern technology and timers on cameras. The Seiko Cocktail Time has one of the most striking dials ever created.
The Christopher Ward Trident Mk3 600 is right at home on a stoney / pebbly beach. Unfortunately, I’m not too comfortable kneeling down on it, but I managed to snap this shot on a gratuitous log laying around.
Finally, my all-time favourite shot. The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Venturer was my favourite watch I reviewed in 2020 – and I tell you what, this could not take a bad picture. A simply marvellous watch, that I managed to take possibly my most professional-looking picture ever.

Well, there you go – hope you enjoyed my look back over a few shots. Were you counting? I managed to sneak in a bonus watch, so you got 16 instead of the proposed 15. You’re welcome.

Please drop a comment below on which shot you feel is the best. Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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  1. Hans Van Santen

    As always, Your comments are well worth reading!!Thanks!!

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