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WatchIt! Watch Fair

WatchIt! is a one-day watch fair in the heart of the U.K, where you can view, handle, talk and buy watches in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Learn more about the 2024 edition here.

Who will be there?

12&60 were delighted to present the following brands at WatchIt! Watch Fair 2024

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Boasting some of the best of what Britain has to offer, WatchIt! is the perfect gathering for those of us who are enthusiastic about watches and who want to be with like minded individuals. Whether you’re serious about watches or only just getting into them, be assured you’ll have a great time – plus the chance to win some great giveaways.

WatchIt! is completely free and open to the public; located in Midlands, making it accessible and easy to reach to all. As it’s also a “get-together”, we encourage you to bring your favourite pieces to discuss and show.

The majority of brands at WatchIt! are online only (with no bricks-and-mortar stores). Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the best timepieces around and get to meet the brains behind them.

Please join the dedicated WatchIt! Facebook Group which will have regular updates!

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