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A vintage / retro inspired diver reminiscent of the 60’s-70’s, the Aevig Huldra is currently in pre-order, for delivery by November 2019. The initial goal of €35,000 passed in 1 hour! Available in a variety of colour schemes, and date or no-date options, you can choose a Huldra that suit you. It has some beautiful design touches and is a seriously epic timepiece for the money.

The specs

The video review


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  1. Rich

    IMHO just another look alike watch.Boring. Why does everyone want to make their watch look like a Rolex or Omega.

  2. Bob Loblaw

    Wow Rich, really insightful comments. Oh… except these watches look nothing like a Rolex or Omega, Keep on hating, buddy.

    1. Bob Loblaw

      Oh, and Rich’s silly input notwithstanding, I should probably also mention: I think there’s a lot to like about this design. I have the Nodus Avalon, and like the way the case wears, so this should be a comfy one too, being quite similar. Nice accessible lug to lug length. A good balance of a retro and contemporary look (for example, the handset on the black version). The hexagonal hour indices are unlike anything I’ve seen on a diver before, and Chip has done a really nice job with the brushed jubilee bracelet. I don’t usually like those, but this one seems to work aesthetically. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and pre-ordered the no-date black version. Looking forward to receiving it.

  3. Bobby

    It looks like a Seiko Turtle and 62 Mas as one. The 12 o’clock indici a bit too large and distracting. 200 meters looks more inviting than the 20 atm. If the crown had the same shape as the indices that would be a looker. The minute and second hands look completely wrong and out of place. Once those are changed you’ll have quite the contender and I would consider.

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