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PerpetuaL Watch SC-03 Watch Review

July 22, 2019

I have been a fan of PerpetuaL Watches since 2013. Every watch I’ve handled of theirs always proves to be exceptional value for money and if anyone ever asks...

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PerpetuaL Watches are quite possibly one of the best-kept secrets in the affordable watch world. I’ve never found another brand that does what they do: offer unbelievable quality and specs at a ridiculous price. If anyone asks me to recommend a decent affordable watch brand, the PerpetuaL Watches are always the first make that leaves my lips. They only create smart and dressy watches, no divers, but they’re all wonderfully designed and impeccably crafted. One of my all-time favourite brands!

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Perpetual R-01 Regulator Watch Review

In our previous review of the Perpetual PR-02 power reserve, we explained the set up of the watch company Perpetual Watch. They are based in Hong Kong, and are...

January 29, 2014


£0 - £100

Perpetual PR-02 Power Reserve Watch Review

The main aim of Watch It All About is to find brands which offer the best quality and high spec’d watches for the least money. I’ll be honest, I...

January 14, 2014


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Perpetual Watch Chronograph C-05 Review

Who isn’t interested in affordable watches offering surprisingly high specs? I had seen and read about Perpetual Watches a number of times on Watchuseek. It appeared that they offered...

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