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Erroyl have become a real hit since their launch late last year, and I’m proud to say that WIAA has been a great supporter of them.

Before, the E30 Heritage was their only model – and what a watch it is. Excellent specs and build quality for the price, there’s little wonder why they’ve become so popular. 

Now, though, there’s a new model of the E30 Heritage out. Named the Royal 300 (only 300 made) it’s the same in design, but has a number of major alterations. Namely the dial colour, the caseback, the bracelet, and the presentation box. 

It’ll only cost you £10 more, making it still an incredible bargain at $410 AUD / $305 USD / £196. I won’t go into too much detail of the ins and outs, as for the most part, it’s the same watch as the E30 Heritage Rose Gold I reviewed a little while ago. 

Let’s take a look at the key differences. 

The presentation box

First up is the new shiny box. Whilst the standard box is no slouch, the new box is excellent. Made of a beautiful piano black finish, it’s a heavy wooden affair that is very well finished, and this alone is worth the extra £10.


It has a luxurious velour interior, with a blue gilt rendering on the underside of the lid, a pleasantly designed affair that provides a classy look.


The dial

The Royal 300 is characterised completely by the “Royal Blue” dial colour – a deep, luxurious blue. The dial is completely the same in every other way – that is, extremely very well designed in an elegant way, and made to a level that far surpasses the price tag.


I actually believe that the blue face has resulted in increased legibility, as the stainless steel hands are offset well against the blue.


All the applied elements are also polished stainless steel, so they all also sit well visibly on the deep blue. The date window has the same neat border to it, and the white date wheel means it’s easy to locate and read.

erroyl-royal-18.jpg erroyl-royal-19.jpg

All the printing is white (the logo, minute track, and “Automatic” in the bottom half), and whilst it is delicate, it is suitably visible.

The dial in general is just as impressive as it was before, but with a new fresh colour.

The caseback

To replace the rather simple exhibition caseback, the Royal 300 features a very detailed, deep stamped motif. There’s a lot going on, and although it’s detailed, the execution is done with good accuracy.


It’s all mainly based on a mat, blasted finish – and it’s a nice touch how all the detailing is polished to create contrast.


The bracelet

Although I’m not a particularly big fan of how jubilee bracelets look, I’m always very happy to wear them thanks to how incredibly comfortable they are. I also appreciate the amount of work that goes into them, there’s so many links involved, all made with high precision in order for it to be put together. The way it’s manufactured – with 5 small links in each row, is the reason behind how good they feel. It hugs the wrist so well you barely notice it’s there.


The links are all very well made indeed, with the first and last links brushed, and all 3 in the middle polished. The top 5 rows of links contain the curve from 20mm to 18mm smoothly.


The butterfly clasp is well disguised when closed, and is very comfortable. 

erroyl-royal-13.jpg erroyl-royal-9.jpg

It folds together with minimal effort, and is easy to operate by using the release buttons on either side. The finishing and manufacture of the clasp is top-notch, much better than one would expect.


Due to the bracelet, the Royal 300 comes in at 122g – that’s 42g more than the standard E30’s 80g. So it provides a little extra weight, and therefore feels like there’s a bit more to it and substantial.

Final comments

Let’s just get this straight – for under £200, you get the following:

I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty epic. I’m more than happy with this watch for the price – and if you were to but one, then you would too. Obviously the jubilee bracelet is a specific style that may not cater to everyone, but you can’t really ignore the fact that they’re possible one of the comfiest bracelets around – so it’s worth trying out if you haven’t yet!

Erroyl have impressed once again, and I look forward to their next watch release in the near future.


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  1. SK

    Very happy with this – really good value for the price and a great looking watch on the wrist

  2. Mateo

    I found out I was going to have to pay loads of tariff costs for the Royal 300 to enter Europe, and therefore had it sent back to Erroyl (totally my fault as the consumer, as I should have researched that beforehand). I have another home address in the States, which has a free-trade agreement with Australia and therefore, I was able to have the watch shipped there at no extra cost. In addition, Wes Knight was in constant contact with me, letting me know the most updated delivery status until the watch finally reached its destination in the US. After visiting the States, I now have the watch in my possession and it is everything that the advertisements have said and then some. Due to the Erroyl´s courteous professionalism and top.notch quality in the craftmanship of their timepieces, I would definitely recommend them to whomever is interested in obtaining an elegant but durable, automatic watch at a very decent price for the make.

  3. Sarmad Farooq


    Is it possible that you will be getting any more of these??

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