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L’heure Luxe Classic Chrono Watch Review

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Greetings! My name is Maarten Sleeckx, and I am a culinary arts graduate from Belgium living in Wales (UK).I earn my living by working in the hospitality industry and have been doing so all my life since I was 11, somewhere along the line however, the horology-bug must have caught me and never let go. Joshua is part of the reason I never let this passion go, his overwhelming storytelling just keeps drawing you back in like an unrelenting force, deeper and deeper into a strange but calming mist. Joshua, thank you for everything and keeping this charming platform alive. I hope my articles will aid you in finding that passion and the drive to expand your knowledge on them.

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L’heure Luxe Classic Chrono Watch Review

June 19, 2020

A quick introduction to L’heure Luxe I did not hear about this brand until very recently when I stumbled on their “Mens Classic Chrono”. Captivated by its dazzling white...

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