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Akerfalk Second Season Watch Review

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Cameron is an avid enthusiast and is forever seeking the best value watch the wrist can wear. His collection of timepieces numbers more than 70, and he has reviewed more than 200 watches since 2013. His love for vintage Timex is only surpassed by his love for authentic microbrands and the experiences they bring.
Akerfalk Second Season 24H quartz watch

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Akerfalk Second Season Watch Review

November 3, 2021

Six months ago the Akerfalk Second Season arrived at my door. In a year of tumultuousness, shipping delays, and Covid-induced stock shortgages, the idea of a new watch from...

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Black Phoibos sentinel on leather strap

Phoibos Sentinel Watch Review

The Sentinel is my kind of watch. As the founder of, and as someone who still occasionally finds time to get a watch behind my lens, I’ve been...

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