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The inaugural WatchIt! watch fair happened in November 2019, and it was a resounding success. It was wonderful seeing so many great brands together under one roof in an easily accessible venue for watch enthusiasts to enjoy.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who thought it went well! I’m happy to share with you the thoughts of a couple of well regarded media outlets who were there and enjoyed themselves.

Firstly, Rob Nudds from a little website call A Blog To Watch was there. That’s right – one of the top watch blogs in the entire world have published something on the WatchIt! Watch fair! And his report is very positive, which is reassuring!

You can read his report on the A Blog To watch site here:

Secondly, Scottish Watches were there and Rikki was busy interviewing many of the bramds and visitors. Scottish Watches produce a highly entertaining weekly watch-themed podcast, so if you’ve not heard of them then I recommend you check them out. Listen to their 98th podcast to hear an interview with me about the event, and to hear some great insights from some of the brands there.

You can listen to the podcast here:

The inaugural WatchIt! watch fair went as well as it possibly could have gone – and don’t worry, I’m certainly planning one for 2020 – hopefully in the summer. It’ll be in the Midlands still (easily accessible for the masses), but with even more brands… and hopefully even more visitors!

See you there!


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