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As the festive season unfolds, Code41, the avant-garde Swiss watchmaking brand, is unwrapping a series of special Christmas offers that will delight horology enthusiasts and watch aficionados alike. Until December 15th, patrons have the exclusive opportunity to avail themselves of discounts ranging from 10% to a staggering 40% on select models, making this holiday season the perfect time to acquire a masterpiece that not only tells time but also narrates a tale of innovation, transparency, and community collaboration.

Anomaly-02: A 40% Off Spectacle

Building on the success of the truly sensational Anomaly-01 we reviewed, the spotlight is now on the Anomaly-02. This latest iteration is available at an enticing 40% off, showcasing Code41’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking design and craftsmanship.

Christmas Chronicles Unveiled

Discover the enchanting discounts within Code41’s Christmas Chronicles. The NB24 chronograph comes with a 10% price reduction, while the Anomaly-T4 and Day41 models are adorned with a generous 15% off. Each watch is a testament to Code41’s dedication to providing a unique and immersive experience for watch enthusiasts.

Revolutionary Watchmaking

Founded in 2016 by Claudio D’Amore, Code41 is not just a brand but a revolutionary concept in watchmaking. Breaking away from tradition, Code41 engages its community actively in the creation of high-quality mechanical watches, fostering inclusivity, transparency, innovation, and excellence.

Transparent Horology 2.0

Code41 is proud to offer a transparent approach to watchmaking. Access the Total Transparency on Origin (TTO) label on the website to explore the origin of each watch component. This commitment to transparency has earned Code41 the trust of its community.

Community-Powered Decision Making

Code41 involves its community in decision-making processes, with over 500,000 members participating in referendums. This unique synergy empowers enthusiasts to co-create their dream watches, fostering a connection between the brand and its community.

Explore the Christmas offers live on Code41’s website and seize the opportunity to not just buy a watch but to be part of a horological revolution. Gift yourself or a loved one a timepiece that embodies the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and transparency that defines Code41. Act fast, as these extraordinary offers are available only until December 15th, ensuring this Christmas is marked by timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.


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