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Nacra 17 is a type of sailing boat (it’s a catamaran to be precise) used in races such as the Olympics, and it is the focus of this special edition Regatta model from Undone. In reality, the only difference between this version and the standard Regatta is the addition of the R17 logo located at 12 on the dial, and on the caseback.

As is usually the case, Undone offer you a plethora of customisation options for the Regatta series, but this one is a pre-selected style. So, let’s take a look to see how it stacks up.

The video review

The specs

The case

If you look at the case from the side, you can see it’s very detailed and angular; and has a pleasing amount of detail for the price. There’s a number of lines and the bezel protrudes out from the main body, which actually makes it wear a lot less than the 41.8mm diameter suggests as the caseback is a lot smaller.

The protruding tachymeter bezel measures speed over distance, which has a brushed top; the markings are all accurately engraved and paint-filled. It frames the domed crystal well.

The push-pull crown is pleasantly flatter than I’d expect, and the shallow depth works well – the shape is sort of a squished onion. On top of that, it’s also partially hidden behind the bezel, allowing it to be more concealed. It has some very good detailing on it – the Undone “U” logo is deeply engraved on the end, and the grip is gentle but exact, and easy to use.

Sitting on top of the case is a hardened K1 mineral crystal. The tall dome allows it to sit high above the bezel, which looks great – but it’s a real shame it’s not sapphire, especially as the height would make it more susceptible to bangs. The anti-reflective coating isn’t the most effective.

The case back is flat and highly polished; and due to this, as you can see, it picks up scratches easily. The markings are lightly engraved but it’s quite eye-catching.

The pump-grip style pushers are fully polished, and are a good size for connection and provide reassuring feedback.

The dial

The most interesting / unusual aspect to the dial is the 20-minute chronograph subdial at 9. It’s split into 5-minute increments, which are used a lot in boat racing. There’s also the 24 hour subdial at 3, which has a split top / bottom to signify night and day, and finally the running seconds at 6. Both of these have a concentric circular pattern engraved into them which introduces a small amount of texture and depth to the dial.

The date window is positioned at 4:30, with a white date wheel which is easy to view against the blue backdrop. It is cut straight out of the dial, with no border – so whilst this is the best option for simplistic design, perhaps a bit more detail would display closer attention to detail.

The lume strength is average and can be found on the painted baton hour markers.

The hands are straight pointed sticks with lumed channels running down the centre and are white painted. The big chronograph seconds hand is a bit more exciting, being a straight blue stick with a hollow disc near the tip and a wider counterweight.

In this special edition model, the “Nacra 17” N17 logo is printed below 12, whereas the standard Regatta has no logo in that space. The Undone logo is located discreetly at the base of the dial.

From a design perspective, there’s definitely a charm behind it, and I also like how it’s slightly different to the norm. There’s nothing to complain about in terms of construction, bar perhaps the lume being a little bit stronger

The strap

The leather for the strap is a deep rustic blue, which is extremely supple and comfortable – it truly is beautiful to wear. It also gathers some character with age, as the colours alter and get darker.

It has a racing theme coming through due to the multitude of holes, and the cream stitched details at the top and bottom are eye-catching. Quick-release pins are a plus as always, ensuring a speedy and safe removal.

The standard tang buckle has the Undone logo laser etched on the top bar, which is a bit disappointing; I would have preferred the same level of detail found on the crown ideally – or at least light engraving.

The movement

The movement used is the Seiko VK83, specifically for the 20-minute chronograph. It’s a mecha-quartz, so the chronograph seconds hand has a mechanical module powering it and therefore a “sweep” to it – which runs at 5 ticks per second.

Final comments

Would I use this watch yachting? No; not that I yacht in the first place. But I don’t think that’s the point: it’s aimed towards those who are enthusiastic about yachting, and I think it’s a very good proposition for them. It signifies their interest but it doesn’t mean they have to wear it during that sport.

I really love the casework – the side profile is splendid; as is the beautiful leather strap. The dial doesn’t sing out to me too much, but of course – that’s a matter of opinion.

Undone have created a well-built watch for £245. However, the lack of sapphire crystal may nag me in the back of my mind a bit.


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