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Would you seriously buy this Thomas Earnshaw Longcase instead of an Omega? An Oris? A Longines? At an RRP of £3250, that’s exactly who they’re up against. Even with my 30% off everything code WIAA30, it’s still £2275, which is too much for this watch.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a seriously beautiful watch – and it is Swiss Made, and has a great automatic chronograph movement in the Sellita SW500. Their pricing of it, however, is surely going to ensure that no-one will buy one; if it was priced at around the £1000 mark then I’d have a completely different viewpoint of it.

The specs

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  1. Steponbugs

    Nice build.
    Cheesy design.
    $2800 USD? Good thing they only have to sell 280 of them.

  2. Jeff Crowe

    Thanks for the review. Took your advice and ended up with a new rose gold with brown alligator strap from a grey market dealer with in house two year warranty at 450 pound sterling. I have had 4 X ETA7750 movement derivatives and this watch is just as good. I like watches a little bit different with character ,my last a Ball Hydrocarbon Engineer II 42mm with the ETA2892-4 movement ,just stunning. This watch does leave it in the shade; there really isn’t anything quite the same at under 1000 gbp sterling. I am not a watch snob but do like reasonable quality, so this watch is in the company of the Ball, Alpina Heritage La Joux Perret 55 hour reserve 1 pusher chrono auto movement, a Mido Commander II chrono with the 7753 and a Submariner homage watch a Gevril “Wallstreet”, yes I now stupid name, but excellent quality and ETA 2824-2 movement, two other Alpina’s and Glycine Airman with ETA2824-2 movement. This Earnshaw fits in really well without the brand snobbery but a lot of impressive wrist presence. Thanks for your straight talking video review. I will try and find one of your reviews on this Ball as it does really impress me. It is nice to find a reviewer who is not brand swayed about the watch ,only the asking price. When these were launched they asked 799 gbp sterling, in retrospect quite reasonable; but within a few weeks jumped striaght to 3300 gbp sterling!! I agree with you – far too much, the 1000-1200 gbp would have been far more sensible even with the exclusivity of only 280 units per colour. If it was an established quality brand then yes ,maybe. But even Oris for example are struggling to achieve their RRP’s on their LE’s!! And they predominantly run Sellitas.
    Many Thanks. Jeff

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