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Manufaktur Waldhoff

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Manufaktur Waldhoff Ultramatic Carbon Bay Watch Review

June 12, 2021

In many ways, the tourbillon is horological advancement at its finest. I’ve always been mesmerised by them, but rarely get a chance to handle them. In fact, this and...

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Manufaktur Waldhoff Capital Obsidian Watch Review

Manufaktur Waldhoff is German based brand, hence the “Made in Germany” label on the dial. However, the most interesting thing with the Capital Obsidian is that they openly use...

February 23, 2020


£250 - £500

Manufaktur Waldhoff Regent Silver Tobacco Watch Review

I’m always happy to get acquainted with new brands. I’ve not heard of Manufaktur Waldhoff before, but the Regent immediately caught my eye – German Made and impressive specs,...

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