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This Starking is quite remarkable. Sure, it’s a little bit plain in the looks department, but what it offers for $50 is pretty staggering. A high beat automatic movement (that looks like the Chinese DG2803), sapphire crystal and all-round good finishing is more than I had expected. The date window is way too cramped and a little skew, but for the price it’s genuinely a great contender for the best, cheapest automatic dress watch.

The specs

The video review


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  1. Richard

    I bought one of these when I saw it recommended in Just One More Watch.
    I concur, it’s actually quite lovely and difficult to fault in particular for a watch costing $50
    I think I ended up only paying $34 from a promotion

    1. Joshua Clare-Flagg

      Great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Carol

    I purchased a Starking watch and whenever I take it off, say go for a swim it just stops. love the watch but not sure if it should do this.

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