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HEINRICH watches is a independent watch brand from Germany. Designed and developed in Stuttgart, built in Pforzheim in limited series. In this article we’ll learn more about the brand itself, the man behind the brand, and their latest upcoming release.

What is the vision of HEINRICH watches?

The watches of the 1970s have produced the most original and famous watches of today. HEINRICH is a German watch brand whose vision is to restore this originality and reinvent this unique and unconventional design era.

Who is the founder of HEINRICH Watches?

The vision belongs to founder Wolfgang Heinrich. The HEINRICH brand was launched in 2020 by Wolfgang Heinrich, a watch enthusiast living in Stuttgart. Wolfgang developed a passion for watch art and design as a teenager. As a hobby diver combined with a love for watches of the 70s, the first two models named Taucher 1 & Taucher 2 emerged. The brand focus is on independent design paired with high quality standards and excellent customer service.

Where are HEINRICH Watches based?

HEINRICH is based in southwest Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg. While the brainstorming, concept, sketching and design takes place in Stuttgart, the brand works closely with global suppliers and our traditional Pforzheim watchmaking partner who has decades of experience in the watch industry to bring our ideas to life in the best quality.

The Taucher 2 GMT

HEINRICH launched the Taucher 1 in 2021, and the Taucher 2 in 2022. Taucher means diver in German, so it’s obvious what kind of watches they were. Their latest release is the Taucher 2 GMT, and HEINRICH are performing their own-run crowdfunding campaign. Rather than run the new release through Kickstarter or Indiegogo, they are currently running a pre-order campaign. 

If they collect more than 50 preorders (at a reduced price) before March 29th, the watch will go into production with the pre-order quantity, with delivery due to be June 2023. If they don’t get enough orders, any money taken will be returned. At the time of publishing, 18 have already been sold, so only 32 more sales are required to make it come to life.

Let’s take a look at the specs:

View the pricing here; please note this includes 19% VAT which is only applicable when ordering in the EU.

My highlights of the HEINRICH Taucher 2 GMT:

I love the wavy lume-filled lines on the bezel grip option (+70 EUR)

Each colour scheme has something cool and unique about it: the black version has the square pattern on the dial; the blue version has the striking yellow rehaut, and the silver version has the more contemporary blue and red pepsi theme.

The two-piece bezel insert with a steel ring and ceramic inlay looks great

The Sellita SW 330-2 Elaboré is a top grade movement

It’s properly fully made in Germany (sometimes that can be a bit misleading from other brands – not here)

Learn more about the HEINRICH GMT 2 here, and order now here.

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