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Sherpa OPS 8

Sherpa Watches, the innovative independent brand, is set to launch an exciting addition to its collection this December. Teaming up with The Real Time Show (TRTS), an influential industry insider podcast hosted by Alon Ben Joseph and Rob Nudds, Sherpa Watches introduces a sandblasted stainless steel version of its OPS model. After the successful release of its Ultradive and OPS models last summer, this latest edition showcases a sleek matte-finish stainless steel exterior, a departure from the traditional black DLC OPS. The satin blast finish not only transforms the watch’s aesthetics but also introduces a fresh and sophisticated look.

A Smooth Satin Sandblasted Finish

In a departure from the original OPS model (reference 001/02/01), the new OPS (reference 001/01/01) boasts an uncoated stainless steel exterior, meticulously satin blasted for the first time. This unique surface finish imparts a well-balanced character to the watch. Depending on the lighting, it oscillates between a rugged tool with exceptional technology and build quality and an ethereal masterpiece, thanks to the interplay of light on its matte metal surfaces and sapphire box crystal.

Discreet TRTS Marking

Maintaining the discreet charm of the original OPS design, Sherpa Watches and The Real Time Show opted for a subtle collaboration marking. The TRTS initials are subtly engraved into the chestplate of the traditional diver’s helmet adorning the case back. Paying homage to EPSA, the vintage dive helmet serves as the company logo and symbolizes Sherpa’s commitment to reviving vintage models and technologies for a modern audience.

Partnering with The Real Time Show

The Real Time Show, a bi-weekly podcast offering an insider’s perspective on the watch industry, is hosted by Alon Ben Joseph and Rob Nudds. Known as the “insider’s insider” podcast, TRTS invites industry leaders to share their insights. The collaboration between Sherpa Watches and TRTS was conceived when hosts Alon and Rob, individually captivated by Martin Klocke’s watches, suggested combining the black OPS dial with a blasted steel case. This collaboration marks the first anniversary of The Real Time Show and sets a new standard for enduring partnerships in an industry often plagued by short-term collaborations.

Launch and Sales Concept

The Sherpa × TRTS OPS model is available for order now on the official website or by sending an email inquiry to [email protected]. Embracing a business model designed to counter the prevailing FOMO culture in watch collecting, this collaboration is a core collection piece, destined to remain in the catalogue indefinitely.

High-Quality Compressor Watch

Maintaining the specifications of its predecessors, the Sherpa × TRTS OPS continues the legacy of the Ultradive and OPS models. Sherpa Watches founder and CEO, Martin Klocke, delved into decades-old Swiss archives to infuse modern design with vintage charm. The watch features the renowned waterproof case with bayonet compressor back closure (EPSA-STOP) and twin compressor crowns (MONOFLEX), originally designed by Ervin Piquerez SA (EPSA). Sherpa’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the ISO 6425 certification to 200m, ensuring accuracy, water resistance, and durability.

Good Vibes: Mantramatic Movement

At the heart of all Sherpa models lies a distinctive feature — the Mantramatic movement. Laser engraved with the Tibetan Buddhist mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG on two wheels, the movement exudes vibes of love, wisdom, and compassion. Following Himalayan Buddhist tradition, the gears rotate constantly, emitting positive energy from the wrist into the world, subtly impacting the wearer.

Giving Back

Sherpa Watches, true to its name, embraces a philosophy of giving back. A percentage of each watch sale will be donated to support projects in the Sherpa region of Nepal. The initial focus is on “Sagarmatha next” in the Khumbu region and the “Nepal Himalaya Sherpa Foundation” in Kathmandu, aligning with Sherpa’s commitment to making a positive impact in the communities that inspire its name.

Available with Various Rubber Strap Colors

Customers can personalize their Sherpa × TRTS OPS with a choice of rubber strap colors. The brand’s tropic straps are available in black, olive green, off-white, and orange, each accompanied by a custom-made clasp adorned with the Sherpa wordmark.

In conclusion, the Sherpa × TRTS OPS collaboration stands as a testament to enduring partnerships in the watch industry, challenging the transient nature of collaborations and fostering a deeper connection with collectors. With its timeless design, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to social responsibility, Sherpa Watches continues to redefine the landscape of horology, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a journey through time with style and purpose. Order your Sherpa × TRTS OPS now and become part of a legacy that transcends trends and stands the test of time.


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