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Phoibos have already released a Submariner homage, the PX002A. I reviewed that watch and their other offering (the Ocean Master) here, as well as introducing the new brand. They were both quartz, so no matter how good and affordable they are, there’s just something missing that only a mechanical can provide.

Well, they’ve done the thing that we all had hoped for – introduced an automatic. It’s still a Submariner homage, but the Phoibos PY007C has genuinely great specs – the incredibly popular Miyota 9015 movement, ceramic bezel insert, sapphire crystal, and an RRP of $399. Let’s take a look to see how it stacks up against the competition.

The specs

The case

The Phoibos PY007C utilises a classic Submariner case shape. It has a sultry side profile with polished edges and bottom and a brushed top.

The bezel features a ceramic insert, rotating with a lovely smooth 120 click action. The engraving is precise; the bezel pip at 12 is rather pronounced.

Sitting on top of the case is a sapphire crystal. with very good anti-reflective coating on the underside. It does a great job of doing what it’s meant to do – keeping reflections to a minimum and creating a splendid impression.

The main and pretty much the only issue of the Phoibos is the date magnifier. It’s wonky and misaligned, which is really disappointing. I’d approximate that it’s a 1.5x magnifier which is useful and makes the date extra readable.

The screw-in crown is a delight to use; with excellent, sturdy thread. I know it’s not really the most exciting part of a watch, but it’s actually one of the nicest winding / setting experiences I’ve had in a very long time. It has the P logo engraved in the end.

The dial

What can you say about the dial? It’s an homage to possibly the most popular and well known timepiece ever – the timeless Rolex Submariner.

It has a matte, jet black base with applied hour markers and mercedes hands. The hour markers are of a reasonable depth; and the hands are slightly pitched to provide a nice variety of reflections.

The lume used is Super-Luminova C1: it is of a reasonable strength, probably slightly above average. It charges reasonably quickly and lasts a fair amount of time.

The date window is a simple cut out of the dial; with a slight bevelled edge to keep it neat. The white date wheel is keeping with the Submariner and ensures good legibility.

The printing is fine. It has the logo within the top half and “Diver’s 300m” and “Automatic” in the bottom half. It’s a shame the logo isn’t better than the name in plain text; I personally find it a bit plain and boring.

The bracelet

The bracelet utilises solid end links, and all are secured with standard pins. They sit snug within the lugs, however I feel there’s a bit of a gap and unusual alignment before the first link. They all have a brushed top and bottom, with polished edges.

The watch is secured thanks to a double locking clasp: it has a top flap and then two side buttons to release the clasp. The top flap has the P logo engraved on, and the top of the body has the name engraved. The buckle also gives you 3 point micro adjustment, so you can get the perfect fit (which I did).

The movement

The movement found within the Phoibos PY007C is the Miyota 9015, one that can be found in so many affordable / microbrands nowadays. It has the specs to match the most reliable Swiss alternatives – high beat 28.8k bph, hacking seconds hand, hand winding, 24 jewels.

It’s been incredibly well regulated, coming in at +2.5 s/d.

Final comments

Submariner homages are the marmite of the watch world – you either despise them or understand them. Personally, I love the timeless Submariner look and I’ll never get to own one – so watches like this allow me to get that style that has proven to be so popular on my wrist.

At the full RRP, I’d actually probably say it’s on the high end of what I’d like to pay. At $399 / £305, you could just pay an extra £40 and get a Steinhart Ocean 1, which is fully Swiss Made and an incredible timepiece. However, at the offer price of $279 / £215, it is a very compelling option. Apart from the misaligned date cyclops, it is a remarkably well built watch that I’ve really enjoyed wearing. The specs are all spot on too; and in fact when you think about what you’re getting for £215 the Phoibos PY007C a very good buy: Miyota 9015, ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal with splendid AR coating.


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  1. Paul

    I found my PY007C to be as good or better than your review. I have bought several watches from China, trying to find a Date Just lookalike that would equal my Phoibos PY007C. I tried Parnis, Bliger , Invicta and one more. Either the bands are crap or the movements are and sometimes both. For timekeeping my watch is the equal of my NEW 40 mm Rolex Day-Date President, 18K gold at more than 25,000. USD. A 39 mm sterile dial, water resistant, to 300 meters, lookalike datejust with a jubilee bracelet & silver dial would be just right for me.

    1. Joshua Clare-Flagg

      Thank you for sharing your experience!

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