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The MHD AGT is a special edition release by the British brand in association with Alcraft Motor Company to celebrate their first car, the GT. Both are designed by Matthew Humphries, the man behind MHD Watches.

I’ve reviewed the MHD CR1 panda chronograph, which is a striking watch. Let’s see how another watch of his fares in the AGT.

The specs

The case

The case is a really interesting design, which is splendidly executed. It’s a layered 4 piece case, inspired by the Alcraft GT car. The key feature is the exoskeleton chassis sides exposing a knurled centre barrel. It certainly is cool.

The overall shape of the case is fairly different to the norm, my only concern is that it has a flat base with no curvature: if you have very round or small wrists it may sit quite high. Whilst viewing from the top the lugs are very wide too; and this is something that will be down to personal preference if you like it or not.

The exoskeleton chassis has an eye-catching highly polished side and a brushed top, whilst the polished bevel to the bezel works in tandem with it.

A boxed, flat sapphire crystal sits above the bezel, with a very good helping of anti-reflective coating.

The crown is easy to pull out and adjust the time thanks to a ridged channel, allowing you to get your nails in and pull, however it’s difficult to use for hand winding. It has a flat, unsigned end and knurled edges to match the case barrel.

The screw-in caseback is simple in appearance and function. The main feature is the exhibition window to display the movement, with various specs laser etched around.

The dial

The dial has a machine turned steel base, and is flanked by a brushed steel chapter ring. This certainly continues the automotive theme, the full-on usage of steel is welcome in my eyes.

It’s technically a sandwich dial, as the markings are laser cut with the lower lumed layer exposed. In addition to all the hour markers, there’s an interconnecting curve between the 8 and 12, mimicking the appearance of a speedometer. It’s all delightfully accurate and neat.

The hands are intriguing shape, with two straight black outer edges and a lumed stick in-between them, protruding outwards. The hands are all different thicknesses and lengths, and whilst the design is pleasantly different to be honest the visibility isn’t the greatest – for me, I think they need to be bolder.

The minimal printing is a decent example of effective, minimal design; with the logo in the top half and GBD in the bottom. Then there’s just the printed minute track on the rehaut.

The strap

The MHD AGT seems to be loaded with a fairly stock leather strap. There’s no logo stamped on the underside, and no markings on the simple brushed tang buckle. I think this is a bit of a shame to see, especially when you’re spending this much money on a watch.

That’s not to say it’s a great strap; the leather is beautifully soft and very supple. It has a dull shine to it which compliments the polished accents of the case.

As I mentioned before, the tang buckle is distinctly standard.

The movement

The movement powering the MHD AGT is the extremely popular Miyota 9015; the go-to choice for microbrands when it comes to a solid and dependable hi-beat movement.

Specs include 28.8k bph (8 ticks per second), hacking seconds hand, and hand plus automatic winding. It’s not much of a looker – it’s pretty industrial in appearance and there’s no customisation here.

Still, I’m always grateful to see a mechanical movement within a watch, no matter how it looks.

Final comments

The case and dial have a distinct industrial feel, made to highly impressive tolerances and accuracy. It’s got an obvious motorsport theme to it, which will work in its favour for sure. I definitely think it’s a very unique design too – so if you’re the kind of person who loves watches that look like no other than this is a great choice for you.

There’s a couple things that I feel could be improved upon for the price – namely a branded strap and buckle is a must-have for a £500 watch, whilst some sort of customisation to the rotor is a “would like to see”.

Apart from that, the only thing to be aware of is the sheer flatness of the case, so take note if you have a particularly round or small wrist.

The MHD AGT is no doubt a cool-looking watch, which is very well manufactured. And on a personal note, it’s cool to see a British watch brand with such a unique design.


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  1. Rich Frost

    Nice watch except for the minimalistic face, too bland. Seems like recently watches from the UK have switched from a traditional design to bland simple ones.
    EG. Ch Ward and Bremont.

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