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As an avid member of the Christopher Ward Forum, it’s my pleasure to share with you all an announcement regarding this year’s Chat with Chris. It is always a very interesting and intriguing conversation, and we often get to see sneak peeks of upcoming models – this year is not one to be missed! See last year’s chat to see what to expect. Please find the details below. 

Date – September 9

Time – GMT 19:00 and will last for approximately 1 hour (we usually go longer).

Place – Christopher Ward Forum (mini chat area)

This year’s chat promises to be something extra special. Joining Christopher Ward on the chat will be co-founder of CWL, Mike France, Jörg Bader, CEO of Synergies Horlogeres, inventor of the “Bader Buckle”and Johannes Jahnke (JJ), father of the SH21 movement.

Our guests will be joining us live from Biel Switzerland, the HQ of Synergies Horlogeres.

This provides us with a whole new opportunity for questions. The timing of this year’s chat is such that the new Christopher Ward magazine should be out, as well as, new model announcements. Certainly Chris will be looking for some important feedback.

Information about the chat can be found here…

Chat questions may be posted here….

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to join in our Chat with Christopher Ward and our very special guests.

You must be a registered member of the Christopher Ward Forum to view and/or participate in the chat, so join now!!


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