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Monarte Squid 15


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In the world of horology, where craftsmanship meets art, Monarte Watches has been a shining beacon since its inception in 2018. The name “Monarte” is a fusion of two Latin words – “mono,” meaning only or single, and “artus,” meaning art. The combination forms the essence of the brand, translating to “Pure art.” Monarte Watches stands by the slogan, “Complexity crafted elegantly simple,” a testament to their commitment to intricate details and exceptional craftsmanship presented in a beautifully simplistic manner.

Crafting Timepieces with a Story

Every component of a Monarte watch has a unique story and purpose behind its creation. The brand aspires to merge the realms of art and horology, celebrating the exceptional work of Swiss watchmakers in a traditional manner. The dials of Monarte watches are a canvas of unique patterns, meticulously hand-operated to create a masterpiece. However, the artistry doesn’t stop there; each dial conceals a hidden meaning and writing.

For instance, the Monarte Squid Green features a hand-operated guilloche dial with a water drop wave-pattern. Encircling the dial is a discreet Latin inscription, “Tempus arsque coniuctae,” translating to “Time and art combined.” This attention to detail and hidden symbolism adds a layer of depth to each Monarte timepiece.

Exploring the Depths with the Monarte Squid

On March 12th, 2024, Monarte Watches is set to unveil its newest creation, the Monarte Squid. Inspired by the mysterious and legendary sea creature, the Squid pays homage to the giant serpent-like sea-creatures, with tales dating back to ancient times and the notorious Kraken.

Monarte envisions squids as magnificent and complex creatures that have existed in the deepest parts of the oceans for centuries, embodying the unknown and unexplored aspects of the ocean. The Squid timepiece combines the rugged, desolate nature of the deep sea with pure class and orderliness, encapsulating the essence of Monarte.

The Monarte Squid: Two Distinct Versions

The Monarte Squid comes in two versions: the Regular Edition and the Limited Edition.

Monarte Squid (Regular Edition)

Monarte Squid (Limited Edition 1/50)

Monarte’s Artistic Watchmaking Process

Monarte Watches takes pride in its meticulous watchmaking process:

Unlocking Extraordinary Value with Pre-Orders

Monarte Watches offers an exclusive opportunity for watch enthusiasts to pre-order the Squid and unlock exceptional value. The journey begins with a $100 deposit, serving as a key to exclusive pricing.

Regular Edition Pre-Order Benefits:

Place your deposit now and secure the Super Early Bird price of just 1199€, a significant saving from the future retail price of 1499€. Your 100€ deposit will be deducted from this pre-order price, bringing your final payment to 1099€.

Limited Edition Pre-Order Benefits:

For those seeking something even more exclusive, the Limited Edition can be yours for a Super Early Bird price of 1599€, well below the eventual retail price of 1999€. Again, your 100€ deposit will be subtracted from this amount, leaving a balance of 1499€.

Monarte Watches invites watch enthusiasts and collectors to embark on this journey, securing a piece of pure artistry with the Squid timepiece, where complexity meets elegant simplicity. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the Monarte legacy as they redefine the intersection of art and horology.

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