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You may remember back in October, I ran a giveaway for a Hamtun Neon. The winner, Andy P, has provided a wrist shot and his thoughts on the great timepiece he was lucky to win. His review is as follows:

Plain effective packaging with company logo & name on both the sleeve & box, the ‘Neon’ nestles safely in a robustly thick leather wallet (doubling as travel case-erudite thinking); alongside decals & warranty card details.

Handsome, immediately comes to mind & first impressions count. It’s hearty, it’s heavy – yet it has sleekness & is smooth to the touch. Yes, this will wear well in different context (think grey windowpane suit, scarlet swimmers, heather joggers, neoprene skins or denim shorts).

The face fits, not too big or small – just generous & alluring. The fingers have poise with length, & shape; just try & resist watching the second hand follow its globular path. The lumi-nova looks promising – but I’m not waiting, so off to the wardrobe with a Maglite. The ceramic bezel is seated with a presence only matt can offer, secured confidently via 6 screws – authentically ending in different directions.

The rear exhibition case enables an observation of time in the making, a good size to view any moving parts including a delightful juddering black engraved rotor. The bracelet continues the journey with a solid confident feel, a nifty ergonomic clasp (raised logo) with an integrated 13mm extension; allowing for slipping over that ‘skin’ (sea above) the crown also holds the logo.

The link pins are sturdy in diameter & generously threaded – not split, & with the correct tools are swiftly able to be removed to suit. There’s a feeling of comfort & class when you bespoke the bracelet & loop it on to your wrist, reassuringly chilled at first-then warmed as the juxtaposition of silver, grey, black & neon ochre complete the movement.

A watch with such a tech. spec., logical aesthetics & at a price like this? It’s about time, get some.

Thank you Andy P for your great review!


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