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It’s not very often that a new, unique watch brand comes out of the UK. I was very pleased when I discovered Forevus, who were formed in 2016 in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Looking at their first offering, the Impact, you can definitely tell that it has a design inspiration that is minimal, sharp, and crisp. It looks cool, has decent specs (sapphire crystal, Swiss Ronda movement), and only costs £139 on mesh / £129 on leather. To me, that immediately stood out as being a very competitive price for what you’re getting. Let’s take a closer look.

The specs

The dial

You can tell the Forevus Impact is made for designers; it is simplistic and unembellished in an effective way. The black bezel and dial markings along with the white dial provide sharp contrast and a striking look.

In regards to print work, it’s crisp and accurate. The logo is in centre of the top half of the dial, and the brand name in the bottom half. We also have a minute track surrounded by the tachymeter on the rehaut, and minimal markings on the subdials.

The hands are all very simple batons with pointed tips, bar the hour hand which is a flat top for variation. The big seconds hand (for the chronograph seconds) is white, which actually makes it very difficult to see on top of the white dial.

The only applied elements are the black baton hour markers. Clean and well manufactured.

It looks like there should be lume on the hands and at the tips of the hour markers, but there is none present which is a shame.

The date window is round, perhaps a little too small as the numerals are a bit squished. It has a decent bevelled edge.

The case

The case is stainless steel with a matte blasted finish, which is complemented by a black PVD coated bezel.

The sapphire crystal is domed on top, but has no sign of anti-reflective coating. That being said, as it’s a white dial, crystals always looks clearer as they don’t show reflections as much as a black dial.

The size of the case is fairly large at 43mm, and it looks like it too due to the white dial and thin bezel. The height of 11mm works well with cuffs and shirts. It’s a nice weight too at 81g, not too heavy but has enough to it to feel decent quality.

The pushers are a little on the small side when you compare them to the case size, but they are perfectly usable.

The crown is the same size as the pushers and can be a little bit difficult to use. It has the logo embossed on the end.

The caseback has the Forevus logo lightly engraved in centre, with a matte surround. It would have been nicer if it was engraved but we can’t have it all on a watch costing a mere £139.

A nice touch is the drilled-through lugs, ensuring an easy strap change without the risk of tool damage.

The strap

The leather strap is a very smooth and simple affair; it doesn’t have any design features as such. Just a slightly textured top, sealed edges and no stitching to be seen.

It’s very good quality leather, which is supple straight out of the box with no breaking in required. It’s very comfortable on the wrist.

The tang buckle is brushed with the Forevus logo lightly engraved on the top bar. Nothing too special to report here.

The bracelet

I don’t get to try out mesh straps too often, so it’s nice to get a chance with the Forevus Impact. The mesh bracelet is very thin, super comfortable and well put together.

It’s beautifully flexible thanks to the small loops, so it contours to the wrist impeccably.

The fold-lock buckle has the Forevus logo lightly laser etched on the top, which is quite hard to see. I probably would have preferred it to be engraved, though.

The movement

The movement powering the Forevus Impact is the Ronda Z50. It’s Swiss Made, which is a pleasant surprise and upgrade to the usual cheaper movements you’d see in this price range.

It’s a quartz chronograph, with a 50 month battery life. You can also do interval or intermediate timing with it.

Final comments

I have been really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Forevus Impact. I think the price of £139 is excellent; you’re getting a very well designed and build watch with really good specs. It looks the part on the wrist, and it feels quality in the hand too.

Forevus deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve done. In an overcrowded market of utter rubbish, they have created a “minimalist” watch in the truest sense of the word. It’s a unique and quality timepiece – one which would have cost a fair bit to manufacture, for which they haven’t gone down the rather frustrating route of crowdfunding either.

All these points make it a splendid option for those who want a bold, yet simple timepiece, that won’t cost the earth (far from it).


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  1. Kevin

    I can’t read the review because the screen keeps scrolling!!!!

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