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Schofield, the iconic British watchmaker, has set sail on a new horizon with the launch of their latest creation – The Light. This general-purpose field watch not only marks a departure from their traditional designs but also brings affordability into the limelight.

A Lighthouse of Inspiration

For 15 years, Schofield has been guided by the stoic presence of lighthouses, and The Light is a testament to this enduring inspiration. Breaking away from the shackles of uniformity, this watch is a fresh take on Schofield’s design ethos. The Light comes in two intriguing colors – The Light One and The Dark One, each limited to a mere 150 pieces, adding an exclusive touch to this functional timepiece.

Why “The Light”?

Don’t let the name fool you; The Light is no lightweight. It’s called so not because it’s cheap, but because it’s the most budget-friendly watch Schofield has ever created. The use of Seiko’s automatic, mechanical movement keeps the brilliance alive without burning a hole in your pocket. However, the Light isn’t just about affordability; it draws from the symbolism of lighthouses and coastal beacons, reflected in its design details.

The Light’s Distinctive Features

The case of The Light is where tradition meets innovation. The heavy box sapphire crystal, a brushed bezel, and the asymmetrical dial print redefine the aesthetics of field watches. The crown at 4 o’clock is a departure from Schofield’s norm, featuring ‘wheel arches’ as protectors. The case back is a canvas, showcasing an intricate artwork of the lighthouse, the horizon, and stars, visible through tiny apertures. The Dark One version adds a touch of mystery with its PVD-coated gunmetal grey case.

Legibility Redefined

Classic Schofield legibility takes center stage with The Light’s dial. Open, uncluttered, and designed for ease of reading, the raised number track and perfectly lacquered hands ensure a clear view. The GMT hand completes one rotation every 24 hours, adding a delightful quirk to the reading experience.

Straps That Speak Volumes

The Light One and Dark One come with two straps – the coveted India Rubber for water resistance and smarts, and a new grey leather lined with a pop of bright red calf. Branded Sugar Free, these 22mm straps fit normal Schofield buckles. The buckle for The Light is the intricate Obscura buckle, adding a touch of sophistication.

Schofield’s Passionate Journey

Schofield Watch Company’s roots lie in a personal endeavor that grew into a commercial venture. Giles Ellis, the man behind the brand, is obsessed with detail, ensuring every aspect, from accessories to packaging, exudes passion and vision. The Light is the latest chapter in this passionate journey.

Technical Harmony

Behind The Light’s elegance lies robust technical details. Powered by a Seiko NH34A movement with 24hr GMT, boasting a 44-hour power reserve and 200m water resistance, it’s a blend of form and function that Schofield is renowned for.

Experience The Light at the “WatchIt! Watch Fair”

Want to witness The Light’s brilliance in person? Schofield invites you to their booth at the upcoming WatchIt! Watch Fair in June. For those eager to secure a limited-edition piece or dive deeper into the Light’s story, is the place to be.

The Light is more than just a watch; it’s a beacon of innovation, affordability, and Schofield’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. So, are you ready to illuminate your wrist?


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  1. Ned M

    Truly, a great looking watch! But I just can’t imagine a large number of folks will line up to pay £2,200 for a Seiko movement most ofte found in watches that cost 1/3 of that price or less. Why not spring (no pun intended) for the Sellita and charge £2,500 instead?

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