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Laco, a renowned horological name, continues its legacy of excellence with the introduction of the Atacama Quarz UTC. This timepiece is a seamless blend of technical innovation and functional design, capturing the hearts of both sports watch enthusiasts and adventurers. As the successor to the esteemed Atacama.2, the Atacama Quarz UTC builds on its foundation, offering a leaner, sturdier build, the accuracy of a quartz movement, and all at a more budget-friendly price. Notably, it incorporates a second time zone feature, a vital tool for individuals navigating across different time zones, especially for those in emergency response roles.

Drawing on the successful partnership with the German Armed Forces during the development of the Atacama.2, Laco has elevated its commitment to producing instruments of utmost reliability. Professionals across various fields, including law enforcement, fire departments, and the military, have attested to the dependability of the Atacama.2. Now, the Atacama Quarz UTC steps onto the scene, ready to deliver safety, resilience, and precision in even the most demanding scenarios.

The dial of the Atacama Quarz UTC comes to life with its luminescent elements. The Superluminova-coated hands, numerals, and indices ensure impeccable readability, whether under the blazing sun or the cover of night. The two-tone hands, with Superluminova C3 on the hour and second hands and striking orange on the minute hand, ensure optimal legibility from every angle, catering to the dynamic nature of its users’ lives.

One of the standout features of the Atacama Quarz UTC is its second time zone display. This enhancement is particularly useful for those individuals who need to juggle responsibilities across different parts of the world. The orange skeletonized arrowhead hand, accompanied by a corresponding 24-hour scale, serves as a constant reminder of time zones, making it an indispensable tool for globetrotters and professionals alike.

Diving into the details of the watch, the stainless-steel case of the Atacama Quarz UTC exhibits pressure resistance up to 20 ATM and is adorned with a black PVD coating, minimizing any unwanted reflections that might compromise visibility. The unidirectional rotating countdown bezel and the cleverly positioned crown at twelve o’clock embody Laco’s commitment to functional design. The crown, a critical component for water resistance, incorporates an orange ring as an indicator of its secure position, ensuring both safety and peace of mind.

Nestled within the robust case is the Swiss quartz movement Ronda 515.24H, a paragon of accuracy and efficiency. With minimal deviation per month and a GMT function for quick time zone adjustments, this movement guarantees impeccable precision. Adding to its utility, a white date window graces the dial at the six o’clock position, further enhancing legibility and functionality.

Despite the impressive technical features, Laco has managed to streamline the design. Thanks to the incorporation of the slim quartz movement, the case height measures a mere 10.5 millimeters. This innovation, coupled with a 46-millimeter diameter that offers a contact area of only 34 millimeters, ensures that the Atacama Quarz UTC fits comfortably even on narrower wrists. The durable yet comfortable rubber strap, secured by a PVD-coated stainless-steel buckle, remains unchanged. Additionally, the flexible lugs that connect the case to the strap adapt seamlessly to the wearer’s wrist, allowing for a snug fit.

Watch enthusiasts and aficionados can anticipate the Atacama Quarz UTC’s availability for presale through Laco’s official channels and authorised retailers starting from the end of August. The price point of €530 makes this timepiece an accessible yet exceptional choice. Delivery is scheduled to commence from mid-October, ushering in a new era of functional, precise, and purposeful horology.


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  1. johnnyjohnny

    great watch design but unfortunately i’ve gotten a number of great looking and functional actual military watches lately using Ronda quartz movement, including the F06 high torque movement. while in the past these movements hit the markers right on the money, now they not only don’t, they vary so one can’t even realign the seconds hand. i’ve had to return new watches with Ronda quartz in them time and again. even with some top manufacturers after asking them to check before shipping. i would not trust another Ronda movement watch. ironically, my $50 Casio Duro with quartz Miyota in it hits markers perfectly, as do my other quartz solar Miyota movements in my Citizen divers. if a $50 watch can do it, and all my Miyotas can do it, there’s no need to waste my time with Ronda movement watches, no matter how pretty the design.

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