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Note from the 12&60 team: when we reviewed the Code41 Anomaly-01, we were staggered by the exceptional build quality, intricate detailing, and handsome looks. So when they reached out to share their latest release, which the Anomaly-01 was a precursor to, we felt that it would be news worth sharing!

Lausanne, 12th of June 2023 — CODE41 launches the second edition of the ANOMALY EVOLUTION. Made in direct cooperation with the owners of the previous models and the community as a whole, it is the ultimate version of a flagship model of participatory watchmaking. Two years after the success of the first edition, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION is making its big return with an additional color for the pleasure of lovers of this iconic collection. The 300 Edition 2 pieces will be available for pre-order from 21st of June 2023 until 19th of July 2023.

If it’s true that we show our real selves during testing times, then the ANOMALY EVOLUTION embodies the very essence of CODE41. Boasting an instantly recognizable technical design, it features a high-quality Swiss movement, but it is above all its original story that grants it its own unique place in the brand’s catalog. Designed in the middle of two crises (one in watchmaking, one in public health), it demonstrates the strength of the resilience of a young Swiss company that knows how to transform adversity into opportunity, and strokes of bad luck into strokes of genius. A feat made possible by the unfailing support of its community, which participates in every stage of development in order to celebrate, in a perfect combination of the previous models, the crowning achievement of the ANOMALY collection. Here’s a look back at the history of a miraculous rebirth…

In 2021, while the health crisis continued to paralyze the whole world, another problem complicated the equation further: the movement crisis. This hit the ANOMALY collection with full force, given that it was now very difficult to acquire the ETA and Miyota movements used in the ANOMALY 01 and 02. Faced with this turn of events, which would spell the end of more than one company, CODE41 did an about-face. Refusing to bury the model that crystallized its vision for the future of watchmaking, without skipping a beat the brand threw itself into designing a brand new watch to take up the torch.

The community at the helm

As always, the community is invited to decide on the characteristics of the forthcoming model, as well as owners of the ANOMALY 01 and 02, whose views and recommendations have proved very precious. These are the members who select, during a large campaign of surveys, the functions, the design details and the materials used for the next ANOMALY. In this way, the brand ensures that the desires of its community of enthusiasts are fulfilled in real time. A one-of-a-kind participatory approach in watchmaking which, alongside total transparency on the origin and costs of the components, constitutes the hallmark of CODE41.

An enhanced ANOMALY

Following the success of the first edition — more than 1,000 pieces sold and a million euros generated in barely a few weeks — those who had missed the boat had to be offered another chance to acquire the ANOMALY EVOLUTION. No sooner said than done, CODE41 is opening pre-orders for the Edition 2 on 21st of June 2023.

Designed as a combination of its predecessors, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION features the technical design of the 01 version while offering the Swiss movement and date of the 02 version. First of all, the movement is a Sellita SW200-1, in its Elaboré — or Special — version, with a precision of -7/+7 seconds per day. A guarantee of superior quality. In terms of esthetics, the transparent back allows the details of the movement to be admired from a new angle. With their ear to the ground as always, the team from Lausanne have also taken on board numerous suggestions from owners of the ANOMALY: optimized ergonomics and reduced thickness, improved readability and watertightness, a reinforced crown, double-strength Luminova…

The worthy heir to an iconic model, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION gives it new impetus, boosted by CODE41’s spirit of surpassing itself. But that’s not all! To mark the release of the second edition, the brand wanted to add a new color to the collection: once again, the choice was presented to the community, who voted en masse to select the orange version from among the three options proposed.

Everything you need to know

Key information – ANOMALY EVOLUTION

Technical specifications

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