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In July 2020, Argos announced they would no longer be printing their renowned catalogue. Were you like me as a youth? Flicking through the pages (watches and jewellery section), circling the products you wished for, dog earring the pages. Made some great bedtime reading too! Maybe it was just me…

A loyal entry in the watches section that always got a circle from me was the Citizen Navihawk A-T. It has everything. Inner rotating bezel and so many guide rules you need a degree to understand how to use them all, solar power, radio controlled setting, multiple functions with 2 digital displays, and when you look at it there’s so much going on it’s almost overwhelming; but that’s what makes it SO. DARN. COOL.

In this video, my younger self rejoices as we’re going to look at that very watch that I dreamed about for many a year.

Costing £569, let’s check out the Citizen Navihawk A-T.

Buy it here:

The video review


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