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January 20th 2015 – Christopher Ward launches 4 new Trident models!

Their most popular model, launched in 2009, has been completely revamped and is now available in a 4-tier system. All feature a completely reworked case and caseback, and the 3 highest models have a ceramic bezel. Some will be pleased to see that all the autos have the date window in the more traditional position at 3. Only the quartz version keeps the 4 o’clock date window. The 3 highest versions also boast a much needed lume upgrade – the hour markers now contain SuperLuminova SLN T C1 lume. The watches are available in 8 different colour combinations, and can be fitted with 6 different strap lengths.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident 300

The lowest and most affordable model, is a new quartz model, and is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes. Powered by a Ronda 515, it keeps the 300m water resistance of the previous C60.

It costs £299. Click here to view them on the CW site and to buy one.

Below: CW C60 Trident 300 Quartz 42mm


Below: CW C60 Trident 300 Quartz 38mm


Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600

The next tier up is the standard auto version and is priced at £599. Yes it’s more than the standard C60 used to be, but you’re getting double the water resistance (600m rather than 300m), and a ceramic bezel. This is also available in 38mm and 42mm.

Click here to view it on the CW site and to buy one.

Below: CW C60 Trident Pro 42mm

C60-42-SWK 1-jp

Below: CW C60 Trident Pro 38mm


Christopher Ward C60 Trident GMT 600

We then come to level 3, which is the same as the Pro, but it’s a GMT. It’s an extra £200, meaning it’ll cost you £799. Housing the same ETA 2893-2 movement, it also has double the water resistance as its predecessor, and again rocks a ceramic bezel. This is also available in 38mm and 42mm variants.

Click here to view on the CW site and to buy one.

Below: CW C60 Trident GMT 42mm


Below: CW C60 Trident GMT 38mm


Christopher Ward C60 Trident COSC

Finally, we have the highest tier. It houses the well known SH21 movement, found in the C9 5 day auto. It’s obviously COSC certified, and has the fantastic 120 hour power reserve that comes along with it. It’s priced the same as the C9 too, starting at £1500. If this takes your fancy (I think it’ll prove to be pretty popular), you’ll have to move quick – as there’s only going to be a limited run of 250 for the time being. Due to the size of the movement, this is only available in 42mm.

Click here to have a look on the CW site and to buy one now.

Below: CW Trident 42mm COSC



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  1. Paul

    In your review, you indicate that the quartz version of the Trident does not come with the new SuperLuminova lume. However, the Christopher Ward website shows that it does. Can you clarify?


    1. Joshua Clare-Flagg

      Hi Paul,

      Interesting, thanks for the question. On the press release I received, this is what it reads:
      “The new baton-style indexes of the mechanical versions are deep-filled with the new SuperLuminovaTM SLN T C1 lume paint to provide brighter and extended luminosity above that of the Mark 1 model.”

      So it seems to read that the new lume is only available on the mechanical versions, but you’re correct – the quartz models also have the SLN T C1 lume in the description. I’ll email them to confirm if this is correct or not. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. ERR19

    Love the design of the 3 hand, wiah the bezel numbers had lume, that would take it from and 8 to a 10 for me. I’m not digging the GMT bezel which is a shame because I’ve been looking for a great GMT for a while now. The red is really speaking to me and I’ll probably get sucked in and buy 1.

  3. Minip

    Nice review hope to see some real life pictures and an in-depth video soon!

  4. Amy Smith

    Nice blog and also nice picture. Thank you for sharing I will buy CW C60 Trident 300 Quartz 38mm.

  5. Mark

    Really good website, thank you.

    This might be a silly question but… If each segment on the GMT bezel is 2hrs, why is each of these divided into five on the 2400 to 0600 section? That means each marking is 24 minutes, which is an odd division? I realise with one hand you only get an approximation of the time but i can’t work out why 24 minutes. Can you enlighten me!

  6. Rodney

    Great review mate. Will you be reviewing the GMT version of the trident?

  7. David Warner

    Its design is very good and frankly speaking it reminds me about military watches because they also comes with good design and features.

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