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Christopher Ward, the renowned watchmaker, has once again graced the horology world with their latest timekeeping marvel, the C1 Moonphase. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the 2015 C9 Moonphase and 2019’s C1 Moonglow, this timepiece seamlessly melds innovation with classic design, creating an alluring symphony of art and precision.

At first glance, the C1 Moonphase’s dial, crafted from aventurine—a glass infused with reflective flakes of copper oxide—draws you into its mesmerizing celestial display. Each piece of aventurine being unique, every watch becomes an individual masterpiece. The starry night sky effect, a result of the reflective copper oxide, grants the dial an ethereal quality that is simply breathtaking. Capturing the shimmering stars at varying angles, the dial is the heart of this timepiece, outshining everything else.

The decision to strip the dial of unnecessary embellishments, including the logo, directs your attention to the elegant handset and the oversized, perpetually moving moon. Notably, the highly polished and meticulously crafted hands complement the watch’s overall aesthetic, creating a captivating visual allure that is hard to resist.

A standout feature of the C1 Moonphase is its Globolight moons, which rotate on an aventurine disc. These moons, coated with a four-color print of the actual moon, present a three-dimensional appearance with enhanced accuracy. Unlike its predecessor, the C1 Moonglow, the C1 Moonphase emits a pure white glow in the dark, owing to its ceramic and Super-LumiNova composition.

Behind this celestial spectacle lies the genius of Calibre JJ04, an in-house modular movement, seamlessly linking the moon’s phase to the hour hand. With a power reserve that can faithfully track the moon’s phase for an astonishing 128 years, the craftsmanship of the JJ04 movement is an ode to the magic of traditional mechanical watchmaking. Advancing the position of the moon is as simple as pulling the crown out to the first position and rotating it counterclockwise.

Christopher Ward’s attention to detail extends to the watch’s construction as well. The inclusion of a box-sapphire crystal, coated on both sides with an anti-reflective layer, ensures unparalleled clarity and visibility, elevating the wearer’s experience to new heights.

On the wrist, the smooth leather strap, equipped with a quick-release system, offers an understated yet refined touch. The suppleness of the leather and the seamless functionality of the Bader clasp contribute to an overall luxurious wearing experience. However, the buckle’s design may result in a slight top-hang on the wrist, a minor but noticeable detail.

Crafted with a 40.5mm case featuring a seamless blend of brushed and polished surfaces, the C1 Moonphase exudes a level of finishing comparable to renowned luxury brands. The well-proportioned crown with a simple yet effective grip and the deeply embossed twin flags motif add a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Considering the price, one might question whether the adoption of the Sellita SW288-1 could have reduced the cost compared to the custom JJ04 module. Nevertheless, when juxtaposed with its contemporaries like the Farer Moonphase, retailing at a comparable price, the value proposition of the C1 Moonphase becomes evident. In comparison to other moonphase watches, such as the Meistersinger Lunascope, priced at more than double, the C1 Moonphase provides exceptional value for money, showcasing Christopher Ward’s commitment to delivering a superior timepiece.

In terms of specifications, the C1 Moonphase impresses with a 40.5mm diameter, 13.3mm height, 47.9mm lug-to-lug, and a lightweight 67g build. The Sellita SW200-1 movement with the JJ04 module speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and functionality of this masterpiece. With a power reserve of 38 hours, 26 jewels, and a tolerance of -20/+20 seconds per day, the C1 Moonphase ensures reliability and precision for the discerning wearer.

Retailing at £2,120/$2,475/€2,655 on a bracelet and £1,995/$2,325/€2,495 on a leather strap, the Christopher Ward C1 Moonphase undoubtedly represents a new pinnacle in the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With its celestial charm, meticulous craftsmanship, and exceptional value for money, the C1 Moonphase stands as a testament to Christopher Ward’s unwavering dedication to the art of watchmaking. Whether you’re an ardent collector or a discerning enthusiast, the C1 Moonphase promises to be a timeless addition to any watch connoisseur’s collection.


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