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Recently I purchased a CASEBUDi watch case to see how it is. It is quite well known on Watchuseek as an affordable alternative to the very popular Oakley Watch Vault.

For £14 (including delivery) from Amazon, I must say – I was pleasantly surprised! It’s constructed extremely well and is made of hard wearing materials.


It fits watches up to 42mm comfortably, and you can fit a 43mm watch in there, but it’s a bit of a tight squeeze.

Here’s the specs:

If you’re after a single watch travel case, then I fully recommend the CASEBUDi. You can’t really go wrong at this price. Watch the video below to see in the flesh, and also use the link below to buy it on Amazon directly.

CASEBUDi Watch Case – Black


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  1. Oakley Watch Travel Case

    […] Quick review and overview of the great CASEBUDi watch travel case. You can get one of these for £14 from Amazon, and I think it's great value. It's really well made, fits watches up to 42mm perfectly and keeps them safe in a really tidy package. Read the full review here:… […]

  2. Rich Frost

    I received one of these when I got my Philip Stein watch back from repair . Burdeens had their gold placerd inserted in one of the depressions. I also have an egg shaped one from Tissot. This one can handle bigger watches.

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