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My original Brathwait Classic Slim Quartz review has proved to be a real hit, as it consistently performs well as one of the top 5 reviews read every month.

That was their very first model, which was only available in rose gold. Now though, they’ve released a full stainless steel version. It’s only available with a leather strap, so it’ll cost you $185 rather than $150.

Let’s have a brief look to get acquainted with this alternative.

The main things to be aware of is that it’s exactly the same excellent quality as the original rose gold version – it’s simply a steel equivalent. It also features a better box and strap.


The box is much nicer than the original, an unusual square.

brathwait-auto-update-1.jpg brathwait-auto-update-2.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-1.jpg

The leather strap is very good, and features excellent quick-release pins making changing straps literally a doddle.

brathwait-quartz-update-13.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-7.jpg


As well as the case, the dial’s elements have been changed from rose gold too – so the hour markers and hands are all stainless steel.

brathwait-quartz-update-8.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-14.jpg


All in all, the Brathwait Classic Slim Steel is as enjoyable as the rose gold version, and for $185, it does still provide a lot of watch for the money. The finishing of the case is spot on, and the stand-out specs of sapphire crystal with impressive AR coating and Swiss movement mean it’s as superb as its brother.

Get 15% off all Brathwait orders by clicking here and using code JCF15!

brathwait-quartz-update-5.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-10.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-4.jpg


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  1. Danny

    Hey Josh, I’m looking into buying a new watch. Love this style but seen that Daniel Wellington watches are VERY similar. Do you have any thoughts on the DW watches especially in comparison to Braithwait?

    1. Joshua Clare-Flagg

      Hi Danny, I personally wouldn’t buy a Daniel Wellington as they’re massively overpriced for what they are. The quality of the DW will be much lower. If you prefer the design of the DW though, perhaps this is a good alternative

      1. Danny

        Thanks Joshua – that’s really helpful. I’ll definitely check out Regnum.
        Best, Danny

  2. Engin

    Hi Joshua. I saw your website while I was searching for a new watch. Specifically Brathwait. But as you already know, the more I research, the more things blows my mind. There is just too much things going on in this industry for me to handle.
    I’m looking for a classic watch and I really loved the way Bratwaith looks. But it’s a little bit hard to buy it from my country (customs and taxes…), it’s a new brand and a question came to my head: “Do I want a quartz watch or my first mechanical one?” Then I found Orient Eminence (FDW08004B0). Surprisingly they both would cost me about the same. Of course Orient is a little bit expensive. Anyway I didn’t like its band but the watch itself is looking good. It doesn’t have the classic stylish look like Brathwait and looks a little bit thick. Moreover I don’t have enough knowledge about watches. So can you give your opinion? Mechanical watches are worth trying?

    1. Joshua Clare-Flagg

      Hi Engin, if you can stretch, mechanical watches are definitely worth it. If you’re on a budget, try a Perpetual Watch, Rodina, or Orient. They’re all great entry level mechanical watches for the price.

  3. Kurtis

    Hi Joshua, how did you get the steel accented light & medium brown leather bands seen in the video? Brathwait only has the one dark brown leather band currently available.

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