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It seems nowadays that something truly original is rare. That’s why, when I lay my eyes upon the Bastian Antoni Turbulent, I had to check it out. First of all, it’s a real feast for the eyes and an intriguing genre crossover. It’s no doubt designed to be a dress watch of sorts, but more aggressive; the case is a prime example of it being more casual than a straight-up smart wearer. The price point at just under $1000 is also on point for a Swiss Made automatic. Let’s check it out in closer detail.

The video review

The specs

The case

There are two instantly recognisable elements of the Bastian Antoni Turbulent: first, the open balance at the top of the dial (more on that later), and second, the distinctive toothed case. As mentioned, it’s quite an unusual concoction; an aggressive yet flexible watch that can easily be dressed up or down.

The toothed outer edge is, of course, going to divide opinion, but I personally love seeing something a bit different to the regular slabbed barrel case, which sometimes can be boring. That’s not the case here, with an array of angles and reflections keeping the eye interested. It’s all fully brushed, providing a duller finish which will be more resilient against scratches and marks.

The 45mm size is definitely on the large side, but with a 2mm edge, it’s more or less all dial which creates an impressive visual impression. The lugs are squared off so the lug to lug length isn’t as long as you’d expect, and therefore, easier to wear than anticipated. They are also drilled through, but on one side only (the opposite side to the crown). This is intriguing as it keeps the crown side clean and holeless but the ability for easy strap removal remains. I also like the concavely curved top of the lugs, which are aligned with the toothing of the case edge.

The push-pull crown is very round – think of a slightly squashed sphere with the top chopped off for a flat top. It makes it a little tricky to use effectively, but in reality, you’re unlikely to have to use it that much. The Bastian Antoni logo is deeply and accurately engraved on the top.

The caseback is the most straightforward part of the case; a simple exhibition window showing off the movement surrounded by various watch specifics deeply engraved. It doesn’t look stark though, it’s all well spaced out with an addition of a serial number.

The dial

The backdrop of the dial is a deep anthracite grey, with an eye-catching sunray finish to it. Opting for dark grey over black softens the watch up a bit, and I believe makes it look a little more elegant. The sunray finish works so well with the polished elements, all working in tandem to reflect the light in a variety of ways.

No doubt, the main thing your eye draws to is the open balance located at the top. It’s a soft, organic shape which has been well thought-through, and the polished border frames it perfectly.

In addition to this, the polished applied indexes and hour numerals are all thick and well made. I really like the usage of 0 instead of 12 – it balances the dial well with the numerals at 4 and 8; all the other markers are batons.

The hands also have a polished border to match, which are a sort of skeletonised syringe with a lume filled tip. The C1 SuperLuminova is average at best – it’s nothing special. The counterweight on the second hand is a great example of concise craftsmanship; being a small, delicate bordered version of the Bastian Antoni logo.

The print work is minimal and is used to its advantage. The logo is printed in the bottom half to counter the open balance, and a gentle minute track is printed on the shallow rehaut which is well designed; a gap either side of the number located at 5-minute increments offers breathing space.

The strap

The leather strap is available in brown or black, both feature white stitching, a semi-gloss finish and alligator print. In this case, the black works so well with the thick, contrasting stitching, and it compliments the anthracite dial beautifully.

The quality of the leather is very good; it’s soft and supple – meaning it’s also very easy to wear.

The only thing I’ve noticed whilst wearing it is that the second, movable keeper loop is a little on the loose side – so sometimes it slips up and releases the end of the strap. It’s not a major issue by any means though.

The fully brushed butterfly clasp is easy to use thanks to the oversized but well-hidden buttons at the base. The top bar houses the Bastian Antoni logo, and as ever, it’s extremely accurate and delicately engraved.

The movement

The movement selected is the Sellita SW200-1, an oft-used and highly regarded Swiss Made automatic. It’s the Prémium grade, and you can certainly tell the difference – the perlage and decoration on the bridges are very nice to behold.

The rotor has also been customised, with Bastian Antoni engraved around the outer sector – showing noteworthy attention to detail.

Specs include 26 jewels, ~38-hour power reserve, high-beat of 28.8k bph, hacking seconds hand and hand / automatic winding. It’s proved to be very reliable; I’ve handled many and never had an issue. The accuracy of this one is coming in at -3.5 seconds a day, which is obviously very precise and impressively writhing COSC specs.

Final comments

I love finding independent watch manufacturers who like to break out of the norm. It’s even better when their watches offer amazing build quality, close attention to detail, whilst being competitively priced.

If you’re looking for something a bit different – that can be dressed up or down – then let me tell you, the Bastian Antoni Turbulent might just be what you’re looking for. The case is brilliantly unusual; the dial is flawless and works its features so well.

And if you use the discount code WIAA10 for 10% off, making it €854.10 / £730 / $837 (outside of EU, no tax) – you’re getting a whole lot of watch for your money.


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