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Ava means timeless in Swedish; and that’s the style they’re aiming for: a minimal design that will last the test of time. From a design standpoint, the Fríge does that; it’s simple yet classy. But is it worth the price? Let’s find out.

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The specs

The case

The case is certainly on the large side at 43mm for a dress style of watch. That will likely be too large for some, however, I think it would be ok for a 7” wrist and above. It really does make a statement whilst on, that’s for sure.

The case is completely polished and well machined, giving a luxurious feel. The lugs are spindly matching the minimal feel of the entire watch.

Sitting on top of the case is a double domed hardened mineral crystal, which in my eyes is the biggest let down of the watch. When you spend this much, you can expect a sapphire crystal which is much harder and more resilient to scratches. However, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not, but at least it’s hardened mineral. Saying that it provides a really beautiful viewing experience due to the clarity and high dome.

The crown is a large onion shape, which is easy to use and looks great.

The screw-in caseback features a pleasant tree motif engraved within the centre.

The dial

I really like the dial; which is minimal in design but has plenty of interesting things going on. Firstly, it is domed, with a down-curve at the edges.

The running seconds subdial is inset into the dial at a lower level, also providing depth.

The logo is cut out of the top of the dial revealing a polished metal layer below – technically making this a sandwich dial which is a nice surprise, one that you don’t initially realise.

All of the printwork is clean and crisp, not that there is much – mainly the minute track and hour markings, which is a bold, clear font.

The hands look to be a bit on the thin side when inspected up close. They have a polished border which catches the light, filled with fairly average lume.

The bracelet

The Milanese strap works well with the watch, which is exceptionally comfortable and easy to adjust. All the links appear to be well machined and constructed, which are smooth and malleable on the wrist. It’s also handy that the bracelet has quick release pins – making it very easy to remove if you want to change it.

The buckle is double locking, which feels secure and is easy to operate. It features the Ava logo lightly etched on the top bar.

The movement

All it says is “Miyota quartz” – so there’s not a lot to go on. At least it is Miyota, a well-known, respected manufacturer and not a cheaper Chinese made quartz movement.

Final comments

There are certain things I really like about the Ava Fríge – in particular, the dial in general. It’s simple, elegant and minimalist, but also has a number of interesting facets to it. I’m not so sure on the size (41mm would be more sensible), and also it’s such a shame that it’s a hardened mineral crystal rather than sapphire.

For me, the RRP of €249 / ~£220 / ~$285 is too high for my liking; you can get some other watches that have a sapphire crystal, and sometimes even a mechanical movement. But, if you do go for one, you’ll get a real eyeful of watch – it’s large and striking visually.


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