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There are not many of us British watch reviewers that do a good job. Whilst I’ve been running Watch It All About, there’s been a number of review sites that have started up, hoping for a bunch of free watches, and then a year or so later they just give up.

There’s one man and his site in particular that has caught my eye specifically; Tony Villa and his site Watch Thoughts.

All of his reviews are delightfully written, in a captivating conversational tone and to great detail without being boring. I know how long it takes me to write my reviews, so I’m convinced Tony took an incredible amount of time and dedication to each review he published.

He also has a unique perspective of watches, as he set up his own microbrand, Deaumar (I reviewed the Ensign here, it was a great looking and even better-built timepiece) which sadly didn’t quite make it for him. This gives him a superior knowledge that a lot of us don’t have.

When I learnt that he was closing Watch Thoughts, I was genuinely gutted. He said that he has just moved on to other things right now and didn’t want to spend the money on keeping the site running for another year.

His reviews would be missed, not only from me, but from his thousands of fans (not only watch enthusiasts but so many watch brand owners too), and I personally didn’t want all of his hard work just “disappearing”. So, I offered to host an archive of all of his reviews on Watch It All About – so they live on!

Thankfully, Tony agreed.

So, it is my pleasure to announce that all of Tony’s reviews are now on Watch It All About, and you can view them all in one place here:

Take me to the Watch Thoughts archive!

I’m sure you’d like to join me in thanking Tony for all his hard work, and all the best for the future. And who knows, if he gets the itch again and offers to do a guest review then I’d be more than happy to accept!


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