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Website Design & Development Services for the watch industry

No business should exist without a website. It’s the first port of call for any potential clients or customers and is crucial to portraying a professional appearance.

All our websites are built on WordPress, the most-used CMS (content management system) used today. Unlike other e-commerce options (such as Shopify), it’s completely free to use and provides all necessary functionality out of the box.

At 12&60, we can cater to a variety of budgets. We appreciate that new starters will have a limit, so we can offer our own in-house pre-built website. However, don’t confuse it with other pre-built themes. Ours is developed, by us, to the same level as a bespoke site; it oozes class, is feature-packed, and is fully optimised for speed. We can get you started with a beautiful website which is a million times better than a “budget” offering elsewhere, for the same price. Please get in touch to view an example.

Additionally, if you are looking for something with even more pizazz – such as a completely custom design and build, we are fully geared up to take your website to the next level. We are multi-award-winning designers and developers, so we know how to make something truly special.


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