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The best looking, sturdiest, and most affordable travel companion for your precious timepiece.

The Watch It All About watch travel pods are constructed an extremely elastic yet tough material – perfect for protecting your watch whilst travelling. The shape is perfect to safely contain any watch, and the size of it is compact enough for taking your collection with you whoever you go.

It doesn’t have to be used solely for holidays though; how about storing your watch temporarily whilst at the gym, or riding your bicycle to work. Or perhaps you’re going somewhere where you want to switch your watch?

It’ll fit watches up to 46mm in diameter and the dipped centre ensures the watch is locked in place, and in the case of a watch with a bracelet, it’ll keep it away from the caseback which could scratch. The inside has a soft texture layer to protect your beloved from dings.

Inside is a small meshed pouch, which can be used to store tools or even an extra strap. Indeed, the watch pod could be used solely to transport spare straps on your travels.

The heavy-duty zipper features the WIAA logo in white, and it is available in a classic black or modern platinum.

The watch pods are all packaged and sent by me in the United Kingdom.

Width: 9.5cm
Length: 9cm
Height: 5cm

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Black, Platinum

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