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It’s my pleasure to introduce readers of Watch It All About to a new British watch brand, Philip Ashton. Based in Bristol, they’re setting out to provide classy and sporty Swiss Made watches at affordable prices. What’s not to like? They certainly tick all my boxes.

They bring their passion of their home city into the watches by engraving the coat of arms into the caseback.

An important and impressive offering to be aware of is how each watch comes with a 5 year warranty. This demonstrates their desire to be in it for the long haul. I wish them the best and hope they turn out to be successful!

Philip Ashton website

Facebook page

Dayhatch II (Chronograph)

The Dayhatch II is available for £240. I personally really like this watch, it looks great in the real life picture below. The polished applied hour markers look like they will provide a lovely reflection, and the lack of bezel and large rehaut means that the dial’s size is maximised. 

Analysis II dayhatch II photo peak

dayhatch silver straight up dayhatch silver case DYAHATCH GOLD WRIST 11281666_10203574361754407_32652921_o

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing these watches in the flesh. I’m fairly certain that they will become popular, thanks to the design, price and specs.

IMG_9269 IMG_9417 (1)

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