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Websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are fast becoming a quick way to setup a new watch brand. There’s already been a few successfull brands start through them, so there’s little wonder why watch brands keep popping up. Let’s take a look at the few stand-out brands on there who need your support!

1. The Calligraph Duneshore

The Calligraph Duneshore from Visitor Watch Co has created a real stir – and there’s no guessing as to why. It’s stunning, and very unique. It’s already fully funded but you can still pledge to get some dosh off the full RRP once the campaign ends. The blue slate dial is my favourite, and I’ll be reviewing one very soon – so keep your eyes peeled.

visitor 2 visitor 1

2. The Brigadier

Another great looking watch, this time by Mercer Watch Co. You can still pledge to get a Brigadier for $300, $100 off RRP. It has all the specs you’d expect: sapphire front and back crystals, Miyota 9015 hi-beat movement, and a design that’s pretty darn classy. I really like the case shape – it reminds me of the Bremont trip-tick case.


3. Peren Chronograph

You can grab a Peren chrono by pledging $190 CAD. Not a bad price for a nice designed watch with a Swiss Made quartz chrono movement.

peren1 peren2

4. HDD Watch

I reviewed the HDD Watch here. For someone who likes the style, it’s a great watch offering surprising value for money. You can pledge one now for just €100!

hdd19.jpg hdd20.jpg

And finally… one to keep an eye out for

Erroyl are going to be starting their Kickstarter campaign on December 8th, for their brand new model the Heritage. Just looking at the pictures, I’m pretty sure this will be a real winner. And then there’s the price – you will be able to pledge one for only $300 AUD. For that, you get front and back sapphire crystal, hi-beat Miyota 9015 movement, 2 year warrantee, and a beauty of a watch (it’s 40mm wide too, a perfect size) with a nice concentric circular pattern and applied hour markers. I’ll be getting one in to review next year, and I’m pretty excited about that.

erroyl1 erroyl3 erroyl2







  1. Gabe

    Is Erroyl a new start up? The watch looks excellent. Yes 40mm is perfect size for dress watch IMO.

    1. Joshua Clare-Flagg

      Hi Gabe, yes, Erroyl are a brand new start up brand. The website launches on December 1st, and the Kickstarter campaign starts on December 8th. They’ve sent through some information to me, and what I’ve seen so far has really excited me. So they’re definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

      1. Gabe

        Just checked out their website. No doubt it’s an excellent offering for a dress watch. However, the pre order vs post order savings is not significant to warrant a pledge on KS. Therefore gonna sit this out first and see the actual product

  2. Wes Knight

    Hi Gabe, thanks for your feedback on our timepieces and your thoughts on pledging through KS. Hopefully you will reconsider your thoughts on a pledge as we are planning on including free international shipping as one of our stretch goals and including a free band as an early bird offer to those pledging early. This would provide a discount of over 30% on our recommended retail price.

    1. Gabe

      Hi Wes. Appreciate that you read my comments and ponder upon what I’ve written. With free worldwide shipping, works out to be 25% of RRP if pre-order. May or may not be a significant push factor.
      Whenever I pledge is what I deemed value at the point of purchase/ pledge. Therefore, stretch goal is nice to have but not a motivation factor for me that is.
      E.g Learning can be had for 1 of current KS campaign. Early bird $480 subsequent early tiered pledge is $500. Difference of $20 won’t entice me to pledge early.
      IMO, tiered pricing is to drive backers in to gain traction for the campaign. Also the campaign set the stretch goal way off the chart just for extra strap.
      Another campaign I think may got in slight wrong footing in price setting and then back track to be give additional $30 off for Black Friday promo. If I’m the early backer i would be pissed what is the point of backing early. I think I commented way off here.
      Anyways in short, IMO think of pricing threshold instead of something like stretch goal at this juncture. I hope I’m making sense and hey I may be wrong here cos I’m not the expert here. Just based on how I analyse KS campaigns.

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